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Origin:  Jacksonville, Fl

Genres:  Alt. Rock, Electronic

Years Active:  2017- Present

Label:  D.I. Records



Dancing with Ghosts is an electronic-infused alternative rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, The band was started by Josh Cannon in 2015. After multiple attempts to work within a traditional band dynamic, Josh ventured off on his own and began writing, recording and performing his own music.


In 2017, upon the release of Dancing with Ghosts' first full link release "Koyaanisqatsi", Stephanie Conner, enthralled with the sound, joined the band, playing keyboard and vocals.


Stephanie contributed her vocal talents on the band's second album "The Nightmare Inside You", which was released in March of 2018. Along the way, Josh and Stephanie have been producing numerous music videos, which have garnered thousands of views on their Youtube channel. These videos, which have a wide cast of characters from demons, goddesses, deranged priests, witches, cage dancers and more, often lyrically feature mental illness as a underlying theme- something they both know all too well.


Both members of Dancing with Ghosts are affected with varying levels of anxiety, panic disorders, and O.C.D. They have both sought to combat mental struggles throughout their lives by pushing this manic energy into creating something. These struggles are usually found at the forefront of many of Dancing with Ghosts' lyrics.


Dancing with Ghosts has taken a "do it yourself" approach to every aspect of the band, from videos, effects, makeup, photography, music production, booking, etc- something they take great pride in. 


When it comes to live performance, Dancing with Ghosts strive to make each show a completely unique experience from your typical act. Large screens adorn the stage with video and imagery that go right in sync with the music. This is one of the key aspects that set DWG apart from other live shows. They aim to truly envelope you in the experience by not just hearing, but seeing something special. Whether they're reprising one of the many ghoulish characters from their music videos or pelting you with glow sticks, Dancing with Ghosts wants you to escape from reality for a while.


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